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Management Services:

  • Complete market analysis to establish a competitive price for your property. We want to reduce your vacancy time while attracting superior tenants.

  • Preparing your property for today's market. We’ll make sure everything at your home functions the way it should and looks fantastic. We want your property to stand out and reflect what tenants are looking for in a home.

Placing a Tenant:

  • Complete background screening which includes checking eviction records, credit history, and criminal issues.

  • Rental history review. We’ll talk to current and former landlords to find out if the prospective tenant paid rent on time, left damage behind, and followed the terms of the lease.

  • Employment and income verification. We’ll make sure your tenant earns enough to cover the cost of rent.

Tenant Retention:

  • Excellent communication skills. We’ll provide a tenant portal and ensure that we’re available for emergencies.

  • Responsiveness. Tenants know that we care about them and work hard to make them comfortable and satisfied. We welcome any of their input and we talk about their concerns.

  • Incentives. Your great tenants will be happy with the service they receive from us, and when it’s time to renew the lease, most of them will be more than happy to stay.

Managing Maintenance:

  • We’re available for emergencies, and we work fast to minimize damage and costs.

  • Our mission is to preserve the condition and value of your asset. We have our own in-house maintenance team of professionals who stand by their work and keep costs down.

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